How much should I expect to spend on my gown?

Martellen’s Dress & Bridal Boutique is an intermediate designer bridal shop with the price of our gowns ranging from $1,199.00 to $3,100.00. We have a great selection of gowns under $2,000.00. Half payment is required to purchase your bridal gown. Martellen’s gowns are comparable to online pricing stores with the added amenities of our professional bridal consultants and skilled seamstresses.

How long will it take for my bridal gown to come in?

Most bridal gowns take approximately five months to order and come into our shop, depending on designer. After your gown has been ordered Martellen’s will call you with a tentative ship date so you know when to expect your gown.

When should I begin my alterations on my bridal gown?

We have two seamstresses on site here at Martellen's. We recommend that alterations begin two months prior to your wedding date so we can ensure your dress is perfect.


When should I purchase a Mother of the bride or groom gown?

Mother of the bride and groom gowns take about four months to order and come in to the shop.


How much are alterations?

Alterations vary on the amount of work and changes that need to be made to your gown. Our shop offers custom lengths at no additional charge to help out with the cost of alterations.


How long is my bridal appointment?

Bridal appointments last 2 hours per bride. It does take some time to get in and out of the gowns and make a decision on the perfect dress.